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Mobile Mechanic Tallaght

One Stop Auto Stop Mobile Mechanic will come to you at a time that suits your schedule. If you need emergency assistance we send our mobile mechanic to you asap. We provide a fully mobile mechanic service which uses quality parts providing a long lasting repair.We travel all of Dublin and have a service range of approximately 25 miles from our base in Tallaght Dublin 24.
We provide a general car repair service with no job being too small. To give further piece of mind our Mobile Mechanic has fully comprehensive motor insurance which enables us to road test your vehicle when trying to detect a fault or repair your vehicle. One Stop Auto Stop mobile mechanic service costs no more than a conventional garage but is a lot more convenient.

Common Car Repairs For The Mobile Mechanic

– Fluid Leaks
– Auxiliary Belts
– Windows & Wipers
– Fuel Pumps
– Steering
– Suspension
– NCT Repairs
– Pre-Purchase Inspection
– General Car Repairs
– Car Servicing
– Non Starters
– Brake Issues
– Batteries & Cables
– Punctures
– Alternators
– Starter Motors
– Warning Lights
– Diagnostics
– Overheating Issues
– Radiators & Hoses
To prepare for the NCT,we recommend a car service in the weeks prior to your NCT test as this allows any potential problems to be repaired by a mechanic and it ensures your vehicle is performing at its very best.Check all your exterior lights are working and the light lenses should be intact.Check your engine fluid levels.The engine oil should be checked when the engine has cooled down after a drive.If it is low,add the correct grade of oil in small amounts until the level is slightly under the max mark.If the level is over the max mark,oil should be drained from your oil sump.Check your windscreen wipers,lift the wiper arms off the windscreen and inspect the rubber strips are not torn or split.Check your windscreen washer jets are working and are spraying onto the windscreen accurately.If your car has hubcaps or wheel covers they should be removed.If your car has alloy wheels with a security locking wheel stud or nut,check the locking key is in the tool kit or present in the car,it should be easily accessable.

Remove excess luggage from the boot space,the spare wheel must be easily accessible also.

Check the seat belt buckles and receivers are not caught under or in between the seats,check they are engaging.

Check your tyres,the legal thread depth is 1.6mm. They should be wearing down evenly.Check your tyres are ‘E’ marked.Usually a capital (E) or small (e) followed by a number inside a circle.This is located on the sidewall of the tyre.

On your way to the test centre,leave in plenty of time and take your car for a good drive on an open road,rev the engine out in third or fourth gear on occasion.The hotter your engine is the better it will perform during the emissions test.Try not to arrive too early for the test as your engine will cool down when parked or idling.

Finally,don’t forget to bring your vehicle registration certificate,drivers licence and test fee of €55.